Phenolic resins and chemical intermediates

The company was formerly known as Schenectady, the name of the town in the state of New York where it was founded in 1906. SI Group is the world's leading developer and manufacturer of chemical intermediates, phenolic resins, alkylphenolic resins, and alkylated phenols. Polylink SA has been SI Group's agent for almost 20 years.

Rubber: Tackifying, reinforcing, bonding and curing resins.
Adhesives: Applications in solvent borne and water borne adhesives - Contact cement (cohesion or tack & thermal stability), rubber cross-linking resins for pressure sensitive adhesives, self-curing resins for reactive adhesives. Also produce the solvent diacetone alcohol.
Coatings: phenolic resins for can coatings.
Industrial resins: For abrasives, friction, impregnation, refractory resins.
Surfactants: Ink resins (monomers, solvents, resins), ore extraction (monomers).
Engineering plastics: Monomers, chain terminators.
Fuels & lubricants: oil & fuel additives (inhibitors, antioxidants, dispersants) and demulsifiers.
Plastic additives: antioxidants, UV stabilizers, AO intermediates, flame retardants, polymerization inhibitors.